Jobman is the versatile job management software to perfectly manage the entire lifecycle of your manufacturing project. From job creation, costing, ordering, stock control and staff productivity in real time, Jobman ensures you are programmed to succeed.

What is Jobman?

Jobman is a flexible enterprise resource system (ERP) that takes care of all aspects of your manufacturing business. The unique web based application means you can access Jobman remotely, perfect in an ever changing manufacturing environment. Installing Jobman in your business can immediately reduce overhead costs; ensuring product planning, inventory control, distribution, accounting and operations are all taken care of. It provides a smooth flow of data across your business; combining, organising and tracking operations all within the one easy-to-view repository. Right from the shop floor, Jobman monitors real time progress with its simple touchscreen interface; ensuring both personnel and projects are consistently on track and on schedule.

Jobman is recommended best when your business…?

… It is not a cookie-cutter solution, but a flexible online software fully customisable to your unique needs. Plus Jobman is backed up by full training and in-person support. The purpose of Jobman is to facilitate tracking and operations on the shop floor of a manufacturing company. It is a very useful tool to ensure that you are achieving on-time, on-budget delivery while maintaining complete control over your project.

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