MyHR is your complete HR agency, with intuitive HR software to provide the right set of tools for every employment situation and our experienced team of HR consultants to ensure you’re always in control.

What is MyHR?

Your HR processes should put people at their heart, simplifying and supporting connections, not tangling them up in a tiresome maze. Say goodbye to endless paperwork, aimless process, and expensive assistance. Bid a warm welcome to your people and your business, performing at their best. MyHR provides all the tools you need for effective, easy-to-run recruitment campaigns that attract the cream of the crop. Our team of HR consultants write all your job ads, provide interview questions, and help you set market pay rates to give you the best chance of success.

MyHR is recommended best when your business…?

From minor niggles to serious issues, MyHR’s team of expert HR consultants will help you manage any problem in the employment relationship, with tailored advice, support, and documentation. Our innovative software lets you keep track of performance, sign policies, and make sure you’re doing everything right.

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